søndag 9. september 2012

Sunday cozy

Woke up early this morning eager to get some knitting done! As always something else turned up in my head! And those kind of things bothers me a lot! I have to do it straight away. Changed curtains in the living room, reorganized my knitting spot, laundry and new bed sheets! Now I can have a cozy time knitting the rest of the day! I'm participating in a knitting KAL on Ravelry, it could have been crochet. Septembers theme is socks, not my favorite but well. 

I'm knitting Lissajous Socks by Cookie A for my daughter. I have skipped the pattern on the heel. I want the socks to be used and was afraid that the pattern on the heel could give her soar heels. The socks in knitted in Wollmeise (what a surprise) Mauseschwänzchen! I thought the color was boring the first time I saw it but boy I was wrong! So many different shades of purple/grey.

My living room after reorganizing, here I sit knitting while chatting with my Ravelry friends!

Since the receivers has gotten their bags, here is what I have been sewing the past month! Making the bags a bit personal with Ravatar photo and Ravelry name.

The first one is for Knittingleftie! Oh, who I struggled with this one. I guess I was so stressed out. On the first one I forgot to make the heart red and on the second one I used the wrong printer but three times is lucky. I'm pleased with the result.

And while I was sewing this I was so inspired that I had to make her a small one too. She was so thrilled when she opened the bag and saw the fabric inside! New York subway map, I thought it was perfect for her since she lives there.

The second bag I have made was a prize in the Ravellenic Games during the Olympics. 

lørdag 25. august 2012

Sock it to me knitting KAL

Another KAL is just about to start soon! A sock KAL! Yeah! Ravelry has really got me going on sock knitting! I'm on my third pair this summer and I who hated sock knitting before. The second sock syndrome has hit me again and I have to finish by the end of the week.

For the Sock it to me KAL I'm going to knit some Old Danish Socks! Semi Solid skein and the pattern is in purl stitches. Here is a link to the pattern site :


I have to modify the pattern since I'm not going to knit stockings! It's going to be so much fun, I love Ravelry!

tirsdag 21. august 2012

Long time no see!

I have been rather busy this summer so the blog has been neglected. Hope things will calm done as fall is rapidly getting closer. Looking forward to more cosy knitting time and have plans for inviting friends over for a knit together. Last winter we didn't have time for these cozy meetings.

This summer we spend 2 weeks in Sweden. The first week we spend with my sister and her husband in Härnösand. We had a lovely time and the weather was splendid. The last week we spend is Stockholm and Karlstad. We love Sweden. Here are some photos from our trip.

Hemsö outside Härnösand. We spend an afternoon on this beautiful island. 

Our summer cottage in Härnösand

The beautiful town Öregrund

A cozy place outside Grisslehamn


My knitting project this summer:

Socks in WM Hoochie Mama

Socks in WM Spina di Pesce

Hitchhiker in WM Poison nr.5

Shawl in WM Mitternacht Lace

My steeking project in Rauma, I hope it will be finished someday! It was rather scary to cut in the knitting but it turned out rather well.

Sweater in WM Kornblume

Another picture of my Lace shawl

My latest knitting project. Socks for DD. Was supposedly to be for me but it's to small. So happy she liked it. 

søndag 6. mai 2012

New socks on the needles

I have started on a pair of socks for little Mats. Karree socks, such a great sock pattern and an easy knit! Love this pattern and are surely going to knit several!

Pattern is free on Ravelry!

New socks finished - Latvian Braid Socks

I have finished socks for Kaia this weekend! Pattern is from my head! So fun to knit and finally I learned how to knit Latvian Braid! And I tried the new wollwash from Wollmeise, made the socks so soft. Now, the challenge is to write down the pattern! Have never done that before.

Link to tutorial for Latvian Braid: http://ohdessaknits.com/2010/07/17/latvian-braid-tutorial-and-other-such-stuff/

Such a great tutorial!

søndag 15. april 2012

Knitting bag for Nelago :)

We have had so much fun on Ravelry with Kal's and stuff! So one Raveler suggested that we gave our moderator a prize because she's so sweet taking care of us in the VM group!

I decided to make a knitting bag, playing with the special fabric and the printer is so much fun!

Latvian Braid socks

Untitled by Moffatu
Untitled, a photo by Moffatu on Flickr.

I have always dreamed about learning how to knit braid! And this weekend it just clicked, not difficult at all! Found a very good description on the web, so grateful! This is socks for a little girl knitted in Wollmeise of course. Herzblut and Natur!

mandag 9. april 2012

Queen Socks

I have finally finished my daughters socks! Got hit by the second sock syndrome big time! I'm very pleased with hoe the turned out! Knitted in Wollmeise - Herzblut and nature!


I casted on 68 stitches, increased to 72 after the ribbing! Decreased after the heel to 64 stitches! 

lørdag 7. april 2012

Color Affection, another shawl

Another shawl in progress, Color Affection! How many shawls do I really need?? This one looks so gorgeous knitted up, I only have to have one! Casted on the other day and it's an easy knit! Not so mindless as Nuvem!

Wollmeise of course, in Maus Jung, Blue Curacao and Blaue Tinte!

Finally finished with my Nuvem! A Ravelry KAL knit!

Didn't think I would ever finish this! But it took only 19 days to knit! Thanks to the KAL, that really inspired me to get this done! Will be a great shawl to wear in chilly summer evenings in Sweden this summer!

It's knitted in Wommeise We're Different Rubin!

mandag 13. februar 2012

Last project in KAL - Hitchhiker

The last project on Knit-A-Long on Ravelry! So sad that its over. Hopes another KAL starts real soon. This is Hitchhiker in Wollmeise Twin Versuchkaninchen

Any Wollmeise Lover needs a project bag

This one I have sewn in quilt fabric and the text is printed on special fabric!

søndag 12. februar 2012

Maybe KAL project Hitchhiker

My new project is Hitchhiker in Wolmeise Versuchkaninchen! Not quit sure I'll finish before the KAL ends on february 14. Hopes so, have planned the love declaration for sure!

Knit-A-Long socks

I finally finished my KAL socks, love them!

The pattern is: norwegian lusekofte socks with some modification!

My first Wollmeise socks but not the last for sure!

søndag 22. januar 2012

Another Kal project - maybe

An update :)

Wollmeise Maus Jung & Türkis Markis is going to be Norwegian Lusekofte socks! Not a traditional color combination, but I like it. Joing the KAL on Ravelry with this project also but I'm not sure if I will finish before february 14th! So much to do at work in the near future. The accounts for 2011 have to be finished soon! 

I have blocked my shawlette today, never done that before so it was fun.

Used a polystyrene board, pins and a string. Worked fine! Pined the peaks waited a while then took out the pins and dragged the peaks further more, so fun! 

A close-up on the lace edge!

Its my first but not last shawl! Loved to knit in Wollmeise 100%! So soft!

onsdag 18. januar 2012

Second project - Wollmeise KAL on Ravelry

My second project in this KAL is a shawlette called Maenad! My first shawlette ever! Fun to knit but I'm struggling a bit with the lace edge! So many knit together and YO's. But nearly halfway and thinking positive! To participate in this KAL is so fun but it ends on the 14. february. Hope there will be a new one soon.

Color: Moses and Jacuzzi

Is already planning my next and next and next project! So wonderful yarn to knit of!

søndag 8. januar 2012

Knit A Long on Ravelry

I was inspired to join the KAL on Wollmeiseholic Group on Ravelry, just to try to knit of the yarn instead of just stash it! I must say, what a lovely yarn to knit of! Just finished my first project:

And are going to start project no 2 today, a shawlette! Have never knitted that before! But it's so hard to pick the colour!