søndag 22. januar 2012

Another Kal project - maybe

An update :)

Wollmeise Maus Jung & Türkis Markis is going to be Norwegian Lusekofte socks! Not a traditional color combination, but I like it. Joing the KAL on Ravelry with this project also but I'm not sure if I will finish before february 14th! So much to do at work in the near future. The accounts for 2011 have to be finished soon! 

I have blocked my shawlette today, never done that before so it was fun.

Used a polystyrene board, pins and a string. Worked fine! Pined the peaks waited a while then took out the pins and dragged the peaks further more, so fun! 

A close-up on the lace edge!

Its my first but not last shawl! Loved to knit in Wollmeise 100%! So soft!

onsdag 18. januar 2012

Second project - Wollmeise KAL on Ravelry

My second project in this KAL is a shawlette called Maenad! My first shawlette ever! Fun to knit but I'm struggling a bit with the lace edge! So many knit together and YO's. But nearly halfway and thinking positive! To participate in this KAL is so fun but it ends on the 14. february. Hope there will be a new one soon.

Color: Moses and Jacuzzi

Is already planning my next and next and next project! So wonderful yarn to knit of!

søndag 8. januar 2012

Knit A Long on Ravelry

I was inspired to join the KAL on Wollmeiseholic Group on Ravelry, just to try to knit of the yarn instead of just stash it! I must say, what a lovely yarn to knit of! Just finished my first project:

And are going to start project no 2 today, a shawlette! Have never knitted that before! But it's so hard to pick the colour!