søndag 22. januar 2012

Another Kal project - maybe

An update :)

Wollmeise Maus Jung & Türkis Markis is going to be Norwegian Lusekofte socks! Not a traditional color combination, but I like it. Joing the KAL on Ravelry with this project also but I'm not sure if I will finish before february 14th! So much to do at work in the near future. The accounts for 2011 have to be finished soon! 

I have blocked my shawlette today, never done that before so it was fun.

Used a polystyrene board, pins and a string. Worked fine! Pined the peaks waited a while then took out the pins and dragged the peaks further more, so fun! 

A close-up on the lace edge!

Its my first but not last shawl! Loved to knit in Wollmeise 100%! So soft!

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