søndag 15. april 2012

Knitting bag for Nelago :)

We have had so much fun on Ravelry with Kal's and stuff! So one Raveler suggested that we gave our moderator a prize because she's so sweet taking care of us in the VM group!

I decided to make a knitting bag, playing with the special fabric and the printer is so much fun!

Latvian Braid socks

Untitled by Moffatu
Untitled, a photo by Moffatu on Flickr.

I have always dreamed about learning how to knit braid! And this weekend it just clicked, not difficult at all! Found a very good description on the web, so grateful! This is socks for a little girl knitted in Wollmeise of course. Herzblut and Natur!

mandag 9. april 2012

Queen Socks

I have finally finished my daughters socks! Got hit by the second sock syndrome big time! I'm very pleased with hoe the turned out! Knitted in Wollmeise - Herzblut and nature!


I casted on 68 stitches, increased to 72 after the ribbing! Decreased after the heel to 64 stitches! 

lørdag 7. april 2012

Color Affection, another shawl

Another shawl in progress, Color Affection! How many shawls do I really need?? This one looks so gorgeous knitted up, I only have to have one! Casted on the other day and it's an easy knit! Not so mindless as Nuvem!

Wollmeise of course, in Maus Jung, Blue Curacao and Blaue Tinte!

Finally finished with my Nuvem! A Ravelry KAL knit!

Didn't think I would ever finish this! But it took only 19 days to knit! Thanks to the KAL, that really inspired me to get this done! Will be a great shawl to wear in chilly summer evenings in Sweden this summer!

It's knitted in Wommeise We're Different Rubin!