søndag 9. september 2012

Sunday cozy

Woke up early this morning eager to get some knitting done! As always something else turned up in my head! And those kind of things bothers me a lot! I have to do it straight away. Changed curtains in the living room, reorganized my knitting spot, laundry and new bed sheets! Now I can have a cozy time knitting the rest of the day! I'm participating in a knitting KAL on Ravelry, it could have been crochet. Septembers theme is socks, not my favorite but well. 

I'm knitting Lissajous Socks by Cookie A for my daughter. I have skipped the pattern on the heel. I want the socks to be used and was afraid that the pattern on the heel could give her soar heels. The socks in knitted in Wollmeise (what a surprise) Mauseschwänzchen! I thought the color was boring the first time I saw it but boy I was wrong! So many different shades of purple/grey.

My living room after reorganizing, here I sit knitting while chatting with my Ravelry friends!

Since the receivers has gotten their bags, here is what I have been sewing the past month! Making the bags a bit personal with Ravatar photo and Ravelry name.

The first one is for Knittingleftie! Oh, who I struggled with this one. I guess I was so stressed out. On the first one I forgot to make the heart red and on the second one I used the wrong printer but three times is lucky. I'm pleased with the result.

And while I was sewing this I was so inspired that I had to make her a small one too. She was so thrilled when she opened the bag and saw the fabric inside! New York subway map, I thought it was perfect for her since she lives there.

The second bag I have made was a prize in the Ravellenic Games during the Olympics.